Energy cleansing & when it’s necessary

There comes a time in everyone’s life where an energy cleanse will be necessary. An energy cleanse is a process of which you clean your body, mind and soul of any toxic and negative energy that has attached itself to you and impacting your life.

How do you identify an energy cleanse is necessary?

  1. You feel stressed, tensed or angry.
  2. you feel blocked
  3. You feel “off” or out of your norm.
  4. feeling of confusion, overwhelmed or exhausted.
  5. Physical pain
  6. you feel clumsy or off balance
  7. you find yourself dwelling on the past

What do you do to cleanse?

My first suggestion is to sage your home. Make a statement aloud that negative energy is Unwanted and you wish it gone.

Take a walk in the rain. The natural elements of Mother Earth will help to cleanse your body and spirit.

Take a cleansing bath.

Visualize positive aura of others and speak aloud that you welcome positive energy.

Surround yourself with positive people and energy.

Get plenty of sunlight.


You may need to do this multiple times in your life but you’ll feel the difference once you practice healthier lifestyle changes and block negativity. Good luck in your journey to peace!