New food experience: Japanese Fondu Shabu Shabu

I’ve never had a dining experience like this before. I’ve always wanted to try fondu but for whatever reason, it just hasn’t happened. Until now!

Although this isn’t the typical American experience with meats, cheese and chocolate; it’s the same concept. You get all the items to prepare and cook your meal in front of you with a convection burner and a pot with your selected broth.

You place all the items you want to cook your meal into the pot, moments later you have a stew like meal. Once your meal is done cooking, you take your chop sticks, grab a piece of meat, dip it a raw egg and place inside your rice bowl.

The flavor I chose was the sukiyaki which is a sweet broth made with soy sauce sugar and mirin.

I was being surprised at how good it was and how I need to practice my chop stick skills. The food is healthy, and tasty!

Try new things! ?