Loving your body

I have been plus size and overweight my entire life. It’s taken YEARS to feel comfortable in public in a bathing suit. And that much longer to get myself into a bikini and actually wear it without a cover up at the beach. For many women, this is a struggle that plagues us.

On this particular day, my photographer was excited to watch me not only wear my bikini but to allow him to photograph this amazing advancement in my self confidence. Unfortunately, I was asked by a mother to “put something over my body” as she didn’t want her children exposed to my explicit obesity.” Offended, I simply advised her that this is a public beach of which I have covered my private parts as indicated by law therefore I will remain as I am. I also let her know that she is teaching her children to feel shamed of their bodies and to shame others for theirs. I also let her know that was far more disturbing than my fat being exposed for all to see.

It troubled me for a moment and almost discouraged me from taking my photos. I have to admit that this type of attitude is not only disturbing but angers me. However, I fought the negativity and refused to let her take my milestone away from me. She would not to have the last word and win.

I went on to do a pretty amazing set of photos where you can clearly see the look of pride for my curves and my body in my face and body language It was as if you could tell I was giving her the ultimate FU which my poses and facial expressions. To date, this is one of my favorite photos.

It’s not easy navigating life in general, If it’s not your body weight or size, it’s your ethnicity or physical deformity. We are ALL different. Loving yourself takes time but is more important than ever finding love from someone else. I wish you all well in your journey for self love and body positivity!