My first Live Virtual Shopping experience

I have been running my eBay store for about 15 years now. I had always wanted to do live shopping experiences, especially with Covid-19 having everyone on lockdown but just wasn’t sure how, where or whether it was worth my time.

I got a random message on facebook from a long time girlfriend of mine who mentioned her boutique and suggested a group that has live shopping all the time. She made a killing off her first live and thought it would be a great experience for me as well.

I joined the group, signed up immediately for monthly live shopping access, got the virtual assistant membership (which I didn’t even use) and started buying everything I needed to look more professional.

I started with a shelved clothing rack, which is still in the box. I ended up using one of the several regular racks I already have. Bought tons of velvet hangers yet ended up using the plastic hangers they were already on. AND bought rack dividers (still in the package) and number cards for the items.

End result? Blew a bunch of money before I MADE any and wasted a couple of hundred dollars.

I thought I was prepared but learned a lot in my first live.

a) have a better inventory organization ready for the live and post live. Makes invoicing easier when everything is already on a spreadsheet, priced, itemized and descriptions are ready to roll.

b) invoice through Paypal so that they customer has the ability to add shipping address, print label straight from paypal. (this time use FIRST CLASS instead of Priority to save money on shipping.)

I spent $3 extra on each customer average for shipping by not changing to First Class. 🤦‍♀️

c) Don’t have the items in sequential order!

d) Have an empty rack for moving items to once you have showcased them.

I didn’t reach my goal in sales, but I didn’t do tooooo bad! I am happy with the results and ready for this week’s live Sunday 9pm est! See you there!


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