Pencil Skirt from review

 You never know what to expect when you are shopping online and especially with plus size clothing.  Finding quality, fitting fashionable items is difficult at best. The internet can surely mislead you with altered photos and what you actually receive is nothing like the photo.

I took a chance with Amazon hoping to find the perfect pencil skirt.  My issue is that I have a belly flap.  Better known as an “apron” as it’s sagging skin and belly fat that hangs rather than a rounded belly or flat stomach.  My waist is small, belly flap and then thick thighs make for a strange figure that clothing usually fits either too small at the hips or too big at the waist.

Here is what I ordered: 

Here is how the skirt fit on me:    

I admit, I may have ordered it a tad bit too big, but I would much rather have it be a little loose rather than too small to get into.  It’s comfortable, and it’s the perfect length!  This was a great purchase and I am so happy I took a chance with this pencil skirt! 
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